Artist Services

No matter what stage you’re at in your career, Music Distribution Club’s got your back.


Prepare Your Music

Take the necessary steps to success before you distribute your next release. Whether you need feedback, professional mixing, or mastering, you'll have access to schedule your sessions.


Get Ready To Sell Your Music

Get prepared to release your music in digital stores... Simply set release dates for your singles or EP's right from your dashboard and start earning money.


Promote Your Music

Once your music release dates are set, make sure you coordinate a marketing plan to execute. Head to “Artist Services” from your dashboard to access MAJOR LABEL Promotion Services from home or while on the road.

Release your music around the world

We’ve made it easy to stream and sell your songs on the world’s biggest music platforms. Reach more fans. Push your music further. Our distribution services your music product to all retailers; you’ll earn a direct deal upon reaching your 1st milestone of $100,000 in music product sales. Will you be the next big star?