Top FAQ's for Artists

Why choose MDC ?

Why MDC?

You’re probably asking why you should choose MDC. There are a few reasons really:


We’re globally connected – literally 

As one of the only major distribution services for unsigned and independent artists, we provide a unique opportunity to accelerate your career in the music industry. Our distribution services your music product to all retailers putting your music on the radar.


Get Paid with Stripe

Music Distribution Club has partnered with Stripe, not only is it easy for you to quickly submit tracks for release but when your music is streamed or sold, you receive your distribution sales revenue deposited to your MDC account. When you register a Music Distribution Club account you’ll opt-in to create your Stripe account and start receiving direct payments, via secure instant transfers with options to withdrawal your payouts that include bank wire transfers. In order to manage your MDC Banking features, we’ll need you to log into your Music Distribution Club account, and head to MDC Banking from your dashboard.


We make global distribution easy

We offer a simple yet effective way to release your music – and take it further. With Music Distribution Club it’s about as easy as it gets. Just select your distribution membership, pay the 1-time flat rate, upload your music product and cover art, fill in the product release info – and you’re ready. Your music will go live on your scheduled release dates. We put your music in the world’s leading online music stores and streaming services, including major music platforms like Tidal, Apple Music, Napster, Music Choice – and more. Register your Music Distribution Club account and pay for your distribution membership to start releasing unlimited audio product – an EP or Single, with no annual catalog renewal fee’s.


Unlimited audio distribution

Our transparent pricing means you’ll only pay a 1-time fee for your distribution membership, with no additional costs to release audio and no renewal fees to keep your catalog live. For example, you select a 12-month distribution membership, your music releases will stay live in the world’s leading music services even after your Music Distribution Club membership expires allowing you to always earn money from your catalog.


We provide you with access to the MAJOR tools to succeed

As a Music Distribution Club member, you gain access to label & artist services that major labels utilize.

Discover and plan

You get access to detailed streaming trends, sales reports, and can easily withdrawal your money earned. We’ll also help you plan where to target your audience, so you can decide where to tour. Seeing your progress and learning what your fans like lets you plan better.



Our e-book provides full instructions on How To Make It Independently, In The Music Industry.


We give you flexibility

With Music Distribution Club there’s no more confusion about how to get your music on major digital music services like Tidal and Apple Music – we do it for you quickly and easily. You can even choose to pre-schedule releases months ahead of time.

Can I make money as an unsigned artist?

When and how will I get paid?

MDC has a partnership with Stripe. When you get your Music Distribution Club membership, you’ll opt-in to create a Stripe account to start receiving direct payments, via secure instant transfers with options for withdrawing your pay via instant transfer. In order to manage your MDC Banking features, simply log-in to your Music Distribution Club account, and head to MDC Banking. Artists will be paid on a monthly basis meeting the minimum payment threshold of $1000 USD. 


Make money from streaming

The amount of money you can make from streaming varies according to how often your music is streamed each month, the number of subscriptions and ad revenue. When someone streams your music you’ll be paid a proportionate share of either the subscription revenue – or in the case of Spotify’s free-tier, a proportion of the monthly ad revenue.


Earn additional money

There are several ways you can make money as an independent artist including:


Sync Licensing (Synchronization)

We all know great music can completely make a film or TV show. Savvy producers know this too and like to also use less expensive up-and-coming artists. If a film or TV studio, production company or content creator wants to use the music you’ve composed in their show, ad or YouTube channel, they need to pay you for the synchronization license. The license fee you receive is usually based on things like how your music will be used, for how long and the format. Not only can a good sync be profitable, but it can skyrocket a previously unknown artist’s profile and popularity. 



When you collaborate with another artist, producer or songwriter, you are entitled to a portion of the royalties made from that music. Regardless of whether your writing style leans more towards, indie, electronic or anything in between, social media is a great way to find and connect with potential collaborators and co-write on their tracks.


Keep it real – Start touring!

A healthy digital presence, social media love and soaring Tidal plays are always good. But every successful artist also needs to exist IRL too. Touring is a reliable way to make money, especially if you’re an all-star performer. The best singers and rappers know how to put on amazing shows for fans – no matter the size of the crowd. Great shows create buzz, get people talking and make big industry players take notice. Touring and merchandise go together and are other viable ways to ramp up your revenue.

Do I need more than just distribution?

Grow Audiences That Drive Long-Term Engagement

You need more than just distribution! As a Music Distribution Club MEMBER, you get access to top tier Digital Streaming Playlists for your audio and music video releases. Detect shifts in audience engagement that present marketing opportunities using predictive algorithms, delivering an audience of targeted individuals based on real listening habits and engagement patterns. Drive Growth and ROI through reliable conversion attribution and continual refinement. 


Music Distribution Clubs Global Team Of Expert Music Marketers

• Local relationships with DSP’s and local content focus

• Collaborating across company to strategize and maximize opportunities


Globally unique

As one of the only major distribution services for unsigned and independent artists, we provide a unique opportunity to accelerate your career in the music industry.

What do I need to know about streaming services?

Getting your music in digital stores

We deliver your songs and music videos to all the important digital music platforms quickly, handle the distribution of your music and pay you royalties when your fans download and stream your music. We also provide trending reports about your music and stats, as well as trends from stores – straight to your artist account. So you always know how your release is performing.


Do I need to take down my music that is hosted by other distributors when I switch to Music Distribution Club?

When you are transferring releases you’ve previously distributed with another distributor to Music Distribution Club, we recommend that you request takedowns with your previous distributor after Music Distribution Club has delivered your content successfully. The guidelines of streaming services and music stores don’t allow the release of the same music through multiple distribution services as this causes conflicts regarding distribution rights.


When will my content be live on streaming platforms?

Providing your audio product with at least 6 weeks lead time, and music video product with at least 4 weeks lead time, your release will go live to all stores on the release date you select.


How can I check my streaming performance?

Explore your streaming data in Stats right from your dashboard to check the performance of your releases. Whether you’re distributing your first track or have over a million followers, personalized insights served alongside your streaming data help you monitor your performance with precision, particularly during key moments such as a new release or during promo.

Will I keep the rights to my masters and copyright credits?

You keep 100% of your masters