Audio Distribution

Unlimited Audio Releases With No Catalog Renewal Fees

Music Video Distribution

Distribute Your Music Videos To Retailers & Start Collecting Royalties From Streams & Downloads

Marketing & Promotions

Get Access To Major Label Marketing, Promotions, And Touring

Sell Your Music Online

You need more than just distribution right? We allow musicians to sell their songs and music videos worldwide with access to marketing and promotion services all major labels utilize.

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We’re globally connected – literally 

As one of the only major distribution services for independent and unsigned artists, we provide major opportunity to accelerate your career in the music industry. Our distribution services your music product to all retailers putting your music on the radar.

Unlimited Audio Releases

With no catalog renewal fees, there is No-Limit to the amount of audio you can release during your distribution membership. Your music catalog will stay live in stores even when your distribution membership expires. This means you will always be able to earn money.

Get Paid with Stripe

MDC has a partnership with Stripe. With your Music Distribution Club membership you’re set with a Stripe account to start receiving direct payments of your earnings. In order to manage your earnings, simply log-in your Music Distribution Club account and head to MDC Banking from your dashboard.

Comprehensive Sales Data

Find out exactly where fans are downloading and streaming your music so you can increase marketing efforts and plan tours around those cities. Today, Music Distribution Club is your strategic growth partner. To become a member, click register, select your distribution membership, complete the checkout and start setting release dates for your music and music videos in digital stores like Napster, Tidal, Apple Music, and more – Keep 100% of your masters.

Promote Your Music Directly To Consumers

As a Music Distribution Club MEMBER you’ll gain direct access to major label marketing, promotions, Live Nation touring & more! Gain new fans with top tier digital streaming playlist placements. See what fans are reacting to from reports generated for booking agents & managers with comprehensive stats.