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Apple Music - Each Video
Music Video Distribution to Apple Music and Receive a Lifetime of Unlimited Audio Distribution

Unlimited-Lifetime Audio Distribution
Unlimited-Lifetime Audio Releases w/ No Music Catalog Renewal Fees

Required File Formats

Below you can find some key points to check before delivering the content in order to meet iTunes requirements and have your video(s) published correctly and successfully:

  • All videos need to only show the music video itself with NO on-screen distractions
  • NO URLs, hashtags, handles, dates, shoutouts or other promotional text on the screen.
  • NO burn-in logos in corners of screens throughout the video.
  • NO front/ending slates, title or end cards in the video (white text on black screen).
  • NO MTV style credits in corner of the video.
  • NO still image or a blank screen in video, videos need to have active pixels.
  • End credits can’t be longer than 3 seconds TOTAL.
  • For HD, the minimum acceptable bit rate is 50 Mb per second, but 150 Mb per second is preferred.
  • iTunes requires at least one frame of black at the beginning and at the end of the video. If the video doesn’t have it, we will insert the frames in there for you.
  • iTunes also doesn’t allow black letterbox, so if your video has this, it will be trimmed out

A 3-week window is required for each music video delivery.

Audio | Video | Single & EP Artwork | Headshots

File File Format
Wav 16bit, 44.1
Music Video 422 Pro Res HQ | 1920x1080 | Square Pixel Ratio |
Single & EP Covers (No Logo's) 1500x1500
Single & EP Headshots 500x500
Music Video Head Shot 800x800
Music Video Covers (No Logos) 1920 x 1080