Google Verification for Music Artists


This package was designed with only the top rising stars in mind. Once you are sure that you have reached a point where music is more than just something fun to do but something you aspire to do as a business, we have what you need to showcase this step legitimately. You may have searched your favorite artist or popular indie artist on the rise that you have heard of like (Gucci Mane) and noticed a large vertical rectangular box show up alongside their listing verifying their artist name, recent album releases, top songs and more. Get what the pro’s have and see the difference it makes for your career when you get verified by Google as a musical artist.
Package Details:
  • We guarantee Google musical artist verification
  • You’ll know your verified when knowledge graph shows up
  • Process can take up to 30 to 90 days
  • The reason for the range is for a few factors listed below
  • We need to get information about the artist
  • You need to digitally distribute at least one album or EP
  • We may need an official music website
  • We may need your suggested photos
  • This is a process, that we have done 100’s of times
  • We know exactly what you need to qualify
  • We just need to get you qualified
  • Anything we need to qualify you is included in the price